Friday, December 19, 2014

Time for one last trip

So this week was a very quick trip to Suva - the capital of Fiji. I had been to Nadi, but never to Suva, so it was very interesting to see what it was like. It's the big smoke of the South Pacific, and more of a commercial and government hub than a tourist town. But of course very beautiful with a harbour and perfect south sea island hills. I love pointy hills.

We went to the museum one day after work which was great - this is an ocean going canoe. An amazing feat of engineering but bugger that! Going to sea in something so precarious, even if you knew what you were doing. Hard to imagine they colonised thousands of miles of ocean.

This is a really useful trip and I'm glad we managed to squeeze it in before Christmas - but I'm looking forward to a weekend at home! (Remind me of this at the end of January when I have cabin fever and about to throttle the children).

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  1. not sure i would want to get in a canoe on the ocean - no matter what size! haha. sounds like you had a lovely trip. we had snow yesterday morning. the temp right now is right at freezing.