Sunday, November 30, 2014

On the way home

I'm in Guam airport at the moment, for a flight back to Cairns this evening, then overnight and a quick six or so hours down to Canberra on Monday. It will be nice to be back in Australia tonight - and home tomorrow! Guam is interesting - it's definitely the US but near the airport on the main hotel strip where we were is mostly Japanese and Korean tourists. We went to Kmart this morning (why not!) and there were heaps of tourists enjoying the typical US experience :) It was great actually, everything was on sale! How is this for a tropical view?


  1. Such interesting work trips for you - my last two work trips were to Wairoa and Taihape!

  2. i'm laughing myself silly because if i were in guam, the last place i would want to go to would be a kmart! i don't even want to go to kmart here in the states! hahaha. glad you are going to be home soon. it always feels good to be able to sleep in your own bed, doesn't it? oh, and just a little trivia, did you know that kmart originated from the s.s. kresge stores which began in 1912? i remember shopping in a kresge's when i was very young. in the late 1970's they changed the name to kmart.