Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We had our school fete on Sunday - it's only once every two years so they tend to pull out all the stops. It was an absolutely beautiful day - too hot if anything - and the cold drinks stall was doing wonderfully, as was the sponge throw. No lack of kids wanting to have wet sponges chucked at them! There may also have been water balloons. My husband and I wandered around for half an hour then left the kids to it ... they walked home when they had spent all their money and met up with all their friends.

Number two son had a moment at the trash and treasure stall ... jewellery. All for $3!!! Bargain. He has been wearing an assortment to school all week - not all at once, just a bit at a time - it makes him look like a very staunch little surfer boy.

I made a few extra things for the craft stall - fabric covered notebooks. I used a combination of various methods from the internet - there are quite a few tutorials out there although I simplified it considerably. Two sizes; raspberries, monkeys and owls. Just a stiffened fabric cover, then put in a spiral bound notebook from the dollar shop. I'm not sure how well they sold - I must find out for next time. And see how the bunting went...


  1. These look splendid and would have taken me several weeks.

    I hope they were appreciated.

  2. cute notebook covers. i have made covers for composition notebooks before and given them as gifts. i keep one for myself as a sewing and quilting journal.