Thursday, November 20, 2014


I am on the island of Pohnpei this week, in the Federated States of Micronesia - a wee dot somewhere between the Philippines and Hawaii. I've never been here before and it took three days from Australia (overnight in Manila, then overnight in Guam, then here via a brief stop in Chuuk). It is really beautiful - lots and lots of rain so everything is wonderfully green, with high hills and jungle and the ocean out to a reef that surrounds the whole island. It is very laid back but different to many of the Pacific Island countries we go to because of the strong American influence. We have hired a car and are very carefully tootling around on the right hand side of the road - fortunately everybody drives very slowly.

Excuse the small photos - the hotel internet isn't up to anything much bigger. The women almost all wear these embroidered skirts, which I've never seen anywhere else, so I had to get myself one. They are elastic waisted on black cotton and machine embroidered in all sorts of wonderful patterns; mostly flowers. 

It's all done in zig zag stitch - I'm not sure how. The colour is not quite right in this photo, it is actually a bright neon green. Just the thing for Canberra!!! I might wear it to the office christmas party.


  1. Wow, how interesting. I have never heard of that island before of course.

  2. How fascinating. You never say why you jet off to all those places. Your work is presumably very specialised. All very exciting.

  3. that skirt is so festive! love it! reminds me of the southwest part of our country. thanks for sharing your travels on your blog. i can almost imagine seeing these places myself.