Monday, November 17, 2014

A gift

I made this quick quilt as a gift - for someone who likes purple!!! Aaaargh!!! It is probably the one colour I really struggle with; I don't mind burgundy or maroon and I can probably be enticed into a lavender if I'm doing something dainty ... but real purple leaves me cold. And I never buy it either, so I really had to do some deep digging through the piles to get together everything that was even remotely purple.

Not a great photo - I took it quickly inside - but you get the idea. The central floral fabric is lovely, and the recipient likes it, which is all that matters! I thought it was more of a sofa quilt but she reckons it's big enough for her bed.


  1. i am challenged when it comes to the color yellow. don't care to work with it! i do, however, like purple a lot. that quilt is very pretty. i like the medalion style and i think i might just make one like it in the near future!

  2. Don't like purple (but your quilt is lovely, considering all); do like yellow. Am amazed by what you regard as a quick quilt.

  3. Oh god, that is SUCH A DAD JOKE