Saturday, October 18, 2014

Warming up

Spring really is lovely in Canberra - winters are cold and summers are hot; but for a few weeks in September and October the world is green and fresh. We're enjoying the back garden; mostly because the back fence is down and hasn't gone back up yet, so we get the vista of our neighbour's back yard as well. Theirs is two thirds amazing vegie patch and one third immaculate lawn (so much better than our scrappy grass disaster). The main concern is keeping the rabbits on our side of the invisible line.

Baseball started again today and number two son and I walked over to watch the end of the game. Except we missed it because it took longer to walk than I thought. It was 5.3 km and took an hour and ten minutes. We'll know for next time, and there will be a next time because I'm walking that little critter every weekend - just because he cried off baseball doesn't mean he gets out of exercise.

Number one's team was like every first game of the season; not entirely sure they remembered how to throw a ball. The main activity was all the parents freaking out at how the cute little kiddies from the under 10s or even under 8s have turned into great big under 14s ... mostly pushing six foot and six inches of that growth has been since last season! I know all parents of early teen boys go through this, but it is just astonishing. They all still hug their mums though - nearly bowling them over in the process - see how long that lasts...

So to counter all this exercise we've just been to the Indonesian Embassy Open Day - lots of people, dancing, raffles and masses of stalls selling delicious Indonesian food. We sampled widely.

This week I made a quick and easy baby quilt for a new baby boy. Simple piecing, straight line quilting, but should be fit for purpose.

I like the dots and stripes together - in hindsight I should have used it all through the quilt and not just in the binding.


  1. You're so discouraging. I'm almost finished the baby quilt I started in, oh, about May. And yours is nicer.

    I do love the bored expression on your son's face as he holds up yet another quilt... .

  2. If number one son is anything like his eldest boy cousin, don't worry about the hugs stopping - you just have to be even more ready to brace yourself for the onslaught!