Sunday, October 26, 2014


This is the view from my kitchen window. It's very lovely at this time of year - the first roses are out and everything is blooming away. Most of it is valerian which is self-sown and very hardy. I will have to rip a few of them out in autumn as they are starting to take over - but right now I like them. I like anything that will flourish in Canberra; baking hot summers, freezing cold winters, no rain ever and horrible clay soil. I like to put the common in "common or garden" .... I am also fond of geraniums, agapanthus and rosemary.

It's good for endless hours at the kitchen sink. Not that I spend anything like hours at the sink - I am trying to give up cooking but it won't be possible for a few years yet. In the meantime I am attempting to re-define cooking as either unwrapping, or rinsing. My meals are narrowing down to sausages, home brand garlic bread, and raw vegetables.

Luckily my husband is very good and will do a roast beef or curry that will go two or even three nights. If pushed, I will peel a carrot, but you can eat them with the skin on, and we do. Shelves and shelves of recipe books sit there ... I would like to give them all away but I might get interested again in a few years? Seems unlikely.

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  1. your yard looks so interesting! right now, the color we are seeing here is in the form of golds, orange, red; pretty fall colors on our trees. very soon it will all be bare and bleak. but i'm one of the weird ones who loves snow, so i'm anxious for the first snowfall!