Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bit of this, bit of that

I've been moseying along with the usual bits and bobs this week. Continuing my war against cooking, with limited success. I am winning the battle of laundry by refusing to engage with it at all - but I think that is a pyrrhic victory, and the washing will have its revenge on the weekend. I have parted with some of my quilting books for the school fete - so much harder than fiction! But I really don't use these at all, and someone else might enjoy them.

This is the craft stall pile - some pretty bunting, some christmas bunting, and a couple of buckets of doll pillows / fairy beds / pincushions for the 50 cent end of the purchasing public. I'll drop them off tomorrow which will make me happy that I've done something! I'm not so good at organising (actually I'm fabulous at organising, but only if everybody acknowledges I'm the boss and agrees to do it my way, which is why I avoid voluntary roles, SO HARD to keep everyone in line) - I would rather help out by sewing and cooking and turning the occasional sausage.

And I've been making square in a square blocks with my crumbs. I don't really like them so far - I've made quite muted colour choices and I'm not sure it's working. I can't really tell until I get them all together, so we will just have to see. I might just make a few more and have a little quilt....


  1. i'm working on string blocks too right now, in the spiderweb blocks. the strings go fairly quickly if they are already cut into strips. if they are chunks, that takes a little extra time. i'm just having fun pulling all these fabrics out of a bag i bought for $3 in paducah, kentucky last yet. they are fabrics i would not normally use.

  2. All those carefully selected Christmas presents donated to the school fete? I'll write in them next time!
    Seriously, hi. I'm off to Hamilton Sunday night for 3 days golf. Ask GB to find something suitable from the on-line Oods and tell me where to look. I'm only 4 grandchildren's birthdays behind at the moment.

  3. I love your description of working in a group. Me too. Can't be doing with faffing around and then doing the wrong thing because of someone else's wrong decision. Well, in my opinion.