Wednesday, October 15, 2014

End of the holidays

Back to school now after a quiet few days enjoying the end of the school holidays. In an unusual turn, the weather was nice until term started on Monday and then turned to crap - with a freezing 9 degree maximum yesterday, and raining. I had spent a morning sorting the boys' clothes and putting all the warm stuff away of course. And taking bags to the Salvos; they are both growing like weeds.

This is not a disastrous mess apparently - it is a carefully staged battle scene. Every character has a well-planned back story and method of death. Apparently it is also obvious who is winning ...

This was the same morning that number two son wanted to know what curds and whey was. I explained, and couldn't think quickly enough to come up with a reason why we couldn't make it. (I say "oh no, I can't be bothered" and they say "why not?" and I say "it will make a mess" and they say "no it won't, it will be educational, and I'll tidy it up" and then I give up).

It turned into a rather nice paneer, that I ate most of. I like it, especially in thin slices and sprinkled with salt. Number two son had lost interest by the eating stage, which he does a bit, which is why I'm so FAT.

And in sewing news, I have joined the hipster craft scene with strings of bunting. No, not for me, I could never be cool enough for bunting, for the school fete. There is a craft stall and it's really hard to think of something that is quick and easy enough to sell for what people are willing to pay. But everyone likes bunting! Surely?


  1. I think bunting is the greatest idea - I can see heaps of people thinking it might be useful, sometime... my girls would snap it up "just because" :-)

  2. Why did your son suddenly want to know about curds and whey?? Have you been reciting "Little Miss Muffet" to them?