Friday, October 3, 2014

Home improvement

The new floors have given us an unexpected burst of home improvement. It may be spring, or it may be our sense of achievement, or it might be that everything else now looks a bit shabby. I will take advantage while is lasts though. First, I recovered my ironing board in the sewing room. It had gotten very manky, and I was happy to use my staple gun again.

Then we put up a new curtain rod in the family room. The old curtains were too long, so people (boys) stood on them and pulled on the rod, which was bent in a few places. Which made the curtains even longer and messier. And stained with food and marker pens. So a new rod, sturdier this time, and new curtains. Storebought - curtains are a big pain in the arse to make - but I did hem them.

And new cushion covers. I didn't make those either. The boys don't like me throwing things out (anything at all! Such hoarders, and sentimental too) but some of the floor cushions were just rank. Nasty.


  1. I am


    You BUY curtains and cushion covers!!!!!!!

  2. looking good! bet you are glad to get things back to normal in your rooms with new flooring. we are getting close to that point with the second room. and as much as i'm dreading starting the third room, i'm just as anxious to have it done too!