Thursday, October 9, 2014

Better mood now

In a better mood, and not so inclined to fret about things I cannot change. Still enjoying the sunshine though, and the school holidays (although I am working) and the flowers in the garden. Here are some beach photos - we went on a lovely walk on Monday - around the south headland for a change.

There's no path around the rocks, so you walk along the top of the headland, past the big houses with the amazing views. It would be fabulous to have a place up there to look miles to the north, and south along the beach, and east all the way to Chile. The daisies are a weed and no doubt dreadful for the local environment ... but so beautiful at this time of year. They were all the way down the cliff to the water.

The headland goes around to the big river, so we walked along the riverside for a while then turned back to the streets. There's a big river frontage space before the houses (flooding, probably) that makes a lovely spot to walk. We saw a place that rents kayaks that we didn't know was there ... my husband and number one son are dead keen. The rest of us, not so much! A lot of work I think, and damp, just to waft along a bit of water.


  1. That all looks lovely.

    I know what you mean about ebola and such like horrible disasters. Such a chancey thing - being born one place rather than another. One feels helpless to do much.

  2. glad you are in a better frame of mind. isn't it funny how those daisies can be a weed and yet be pretty? beauty is in the eye of the beholder! there's a yellow flower that grows in the farmer's fields around here. they call it 'bastard weed' because they hate it so much. but when those fields are full of it, they are just the prettiest yellow color!