Friday, October 18, 2013

Twirly Shirley

Here's a top I made a couple of months ago but just finished off the binding last week at quilters. It's part of my ongoing obsession with crumb blocks! This time made into half square triangles with yellow, lot and lots of yellow. Oh I do like yellow. This is all my hand-dyed yellow - lots of different ones because I can never seem to make quite the same colour twice! But necessity is the mother of ... of multicoloured quilts I guess. I had to take these before the sun came up because it's impossible to take decent photos with the bright sun on it; so the colour looks a bit more lemony than in life.

I've called it "Twirly Shirley" because of the quilting. Wobbly waves.

I went a bit denser with the waves on the border to give it some texture. Easy to do but really effective! I like this quilt - it's even more cheerful in person, if you can believe it. Sunshine on a stick.


  1. very very pretty! and very bright! love those hand dyed fabrics. and you did a great job on the quilting.

  2. Ooh, that's lovely. So complicated! Argh. So do you have a plan or do you just plough ahead until you have enough bits? I suppose this is easier if you have a large stash rather than having to calculate what you want.

    The quilting is wonderful too. I do no even aspire to doing anything like that. But I can admire...