Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still dyeing

I've got a production line going at the moment - alwas a good idea to take advantage of the mood and have a dyeing bonanza while I still feel like it! If I go good and crazy I should have enough to last me for a few months, or until the mood hits again. I did some purples this time.

The bottom one I did a bit of splashing to mix up the colours a bit and make something more interesting. I don't think I should use pink for splashing. It looks a bit ... crime scene.

And then a new dye I hadn't tried before called "Moroccan Red". I mostly just use pure colours rather than mixes, but I must have bought this one a while ago in a spirit of adventure. I don't know if it's because I've had it too long, but it seemed quite weak ... needing a lot more powder to make the same intensity of dye strength. So some of these ones are a bit paler than I was hoping, and the one at the top was meant to be a mixture of black and the Moroccan Red - it's just black! Or rather grey. Quite a nice grey, but not at all what I thought.

I am also overdyeing one of my more spectacular disaster batches. I think a couple of years ago I was at the end of my enthusiasm so just dumped the leftover fabric and dye together and made about ten yards of this.

Isn't it ugly? Black is bad for splotches because it never looks very textured, and that horrible pale purple background with strange teal and darker purple bits. Icky. This one I overdyed with pink and I think it looks quite cool now. None of the teal remains.

And this one I did Moroccan Red - you can see what I mean about it being not very strong. It looks stained rather than dyed, not very attractive. But the wonderful thing is I can just overdye it all over again! Yay!

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  1. i think your dyed fabrics are looking very nice. i like those purples a lot.