Sunday, October 27, 2013

I went to a PARTY

Goodness, I promised party photos on Tuesday and haven't done a thing. So here you go - three of my sister's four kids had significant birthdays in October and they had a family-friendly party. The twins were 18 and their older sister was 21, so lots to celebrate. Here is one twin - the big banana.

Marilyn Monroe was 18 too, and Pebbles turned 21. Aren't they pretty?

That is of course the genetic inheritance from their parents - Jane Jetson and the Milky Bar Kid. He mostly had a milky bar in his shirt pocket but people kept eating them.

And it is definitely not the genetic inheritance of their aunty - Cyndi Lauper and her dashing husband Shane Warne.


At about eleven I was having a few wines (and the leftover chocolate fondue) with the middle-aged women when I thought to check my children - they were lined up on the sofa with their ten year old cousin absolutely mesmerised by the drinking games. Not participating thankfully, but completely riveted ... who knew the world had such fabulously fun things in it? Another tick in my mother-of-the-year basket, and vital step in their education... cheers!

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