Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's beautiful!

Well, remember that little orange rail fence that I didn't like one bit? In case you're not keeping track of my sewing projects (for shame) here it is again.

Thank you for those who commented on what I could do with it - I think everyone was unanimous that it needed some kind of other colour - but everything that I added as applique or border just didn't work. Tonya suggested blues ... and I had been struck at the exhibition by a couple of quilts that had really dense big stitch hand quilting. So, I put another orange border on it just to keep it together and then quilted it closely allover in big dense blue curves.  The colour looks a bit different in the one below, but it's probably closer to real life than the one above.

The idea was to do the opposite of orange straight lines - waves and curves in various blues. And it turned out beautifully! Far too small to be anything useful but very pretty.

It's hard to see from the photos but it's both soft and solid. The density of the stitching gives it both weight and a kind of rumpled feel ... it would be great full sized but that is NEVER going to happen - it was not quick to do even this little thing!


  1. really beautiful. great hand quilting! definitely looks better in the new photos with the better light!

  2. Yes, really lovely. That's a lot of stitches, though...

  3. very nice! i think the big bold blue stitches are just what it needed. good job!