Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to school

We had a quiet second week of the holidays - went to the movies (Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, not bad), bought some books, pottered around at home. The boys watched all of the Lord of the Rings DVDs (including the Hobbit) and most of the last eight series of Dr Who. I did a bit of sewing... shoo fly blocks for some reason. Nice big ones. Really just a small step up from the scrap blocks! I'm using different fabrics for each one.

And number one son and I had a little project - re-painting a bookshelf that had been relegated to the carport. It was dark and ugly and now it is white and pretty! Not exactly done by painting professionals but a good thing to do, we both had fun and it was quick enough that we didn't get bored.


  1. the shoo fly blocks are looking good. so is the cabinet!