Monday, October 7, 2013

Another walk

We walked for a bit longer on this one - nearly three hours; admittedly not very fast but we were still tuckered out by the end. It was at the very edges of the suburbs, so the first half on the country side of the ridge felt nice and rural and isolated. I do like a good flat path to walk on - the thing that irritates me most about bushwalking is having to watch my feet the whole time! I am very unco-ordinated and prone to stumbling, so I need to look at the ground. And then I get very bored - I can watch my feet at home, with food and coffee.

Below is an action shot - number two son has just said some smart arse comment to his brother, and is about to get thumped. I did take a photo of the thumping, but nobody needs to see that.

We're carrying sticks for the magpies. It's swooping season, and they tend to come from behind and nip a chunk out of the back of your head. But if you carry a stick higher than your head they hit that first. It's only for a few weeks but it's an entertaining sight in Canberra watching people out walking carrying great chunks of wood, like Gandalf. Cyclists don't have spare hands so they stick foot-long twigs in their bike helmets. They look like antennae for the mothership.

Anyway, we avoided magpies and after meandering along the path for quite a while, climbed the hill. It was a lovely view - the weather was gorgeous and the sky was clear. Out to one side were fields and trees and distant hills.

The other side was Canberra in all its glory ... actually it was far enough away to look perfectly fine. Like most built environments that started between1960 - 1980 most of Canberra is not very attractive up close. A bit of the more modern stuff isn't much to write home about either, but nothing has quite hit the concrete horrors of the 70s.

I'm still smiling here - we shall see how week two of the holidays pans out. Of course I look at the photo and all I can see is my massive double chin - after a three hour hike - what is the point? I did have a chocolate biscuit during this break though .... mmmm maybe I should stop complaining and start eating fruit. 


  1. life's too short to deny yourself chocolate... hee hee hee. that is hilarious about the magpies! i'm sure i would not be walking very much outdoors during swooping season! eek!

  2. It's so interesting seeing your countryside, which people don't tend to post pictures of. Scotland is far greener and the trees are different. And we have more sheep and somehow different hills. And what sandy ground - we don't get sand near hills. But your pics look very pretty. Just kind of how I imagined Mars might look when I was little.

    Also our magpies don't eat us.