Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The very end of the holidays

And so the long, long, long summer holidays have meandered to a close. I gave up on trying to limit their time on the computer and feeding them healthy lunches. We all got very used to sleeping in, and wearing our pyjamas all day. So we haven't done much lately ... apart from more ice-cream.

We went to the zoo, and patted emus. I think emus are a bit scary (they're quite big) but son was quite taken with them. We went to the zoo on a hot afternoon and the lions were snoozing. The tigers were snoozing. The brown bear and the snow leopard and the meerkats and the cute little monkeys were snoozing. Even the otters looked a bit lethargic.

The boys did some bouncing at the mall. It's quite spectacular - especially when they're doing flips. Although these things are always run by toothless carnie types who tape the ropes together with chewing gum. But the boys survived, and quite enjoyed it.

I get a bit antsy towards the end of the holidays. I like being on my own, and being able to do things that I want to do. Not that my children are very much trouble ... but it will be nice to be back into a bit of routine again.

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  1. oh you just crack me up...toothless carnie types! such an apt description. funny emu story - they are not native to our area, so you can imagine that when i saw one running along side the road on my way home from work one day several years ago, i was a bit concerned. mostly i was concerned because i thought i was hallucinating. after a few days, i gathered my courage and mentioned it to someone who said that yes, there was an emu wandering around. it had been someone's pet and gotten loose!