Friday, February 22, 2013


After nearly seven years in this house we are finally getting round to doing something about the back yard. No, that's a bit unfair - we have done heaps to the back yard, but it's been gardening and the soft stuff rather than tackling the serious business of rocks and pavers. And when I say "we" have done heaps, I really mean my dad, who is capable of astonishing feats of gardening during relatively short visits.

This is the before shot. A spa pool we have NEVER used, filled with stagnant water and redbacks (highly poisonous spider). The paving is so sloping that all the tables and chairs need to be propped up or they rock alarmingly. Mind you this is the crappiest collection of outdoor furniture the world has ever seen! When we bought our previous house in 2001 we bought a heap of furniture from the owners for very little money. It was a bit old and tired then, but mostly good quality (much like the house) and they were going to get all new stuff. It has served us extremely well for twelve years, but it might be time to get some grown-up things, now husband and I have a combined age of over 90 :)

And this is its current state. Spa pool gone - equipment dismantled - pavers up - four large diosma shrubs temporarily housed in the vegie beds. Everyone thinks they're going to die, diosma don't like being transplanted apparently, but we'll give it a try.

This is another before shot of the steps down to the lawn. Not only can you see the pavers slowly tumbling over the edge, but the sleeper steps are rotting away. Many small children have tripped and  plummeted down these steps during the last seven years. There's also another sleeper path around the side in even worse condition. We think they are original to the house, which was built in 1975, so the condition is not so surprising.

The after shot. Exactly as decrepit and crumbling as I would have pictured it! They think it will take a month to re-lay the paving (without the massive slope) and put it some rock edging for the garden, and put in some huge rocks for a "dry creek bed" with a little bridge over it. My husband is more of a gardener than I am, and a lot more creative. I have trouble seeing beyond anything that is already there, so I don't have a particularly clear idea of it in my head, but I trust him ... :)


  1. Must be a bit hot to be undertaking all that manual labour. A 'dry creek bed' sounds like a particularly Australian garden feature.

  2. Doesn't it!!! The electricity is all there so they said we could have a pump driven water feature but I just said bugger that - far too much to go wrong. Sticking with big rocks and tough plants.

  3. i'm like you, i have no idea how to landscape! it just doesn't interest me enough, i guess. it's funny to think about doing yardwork when we are in the middle of a winter snowstorm here. three inches of snow with sleet and ice on top of it fell today. personally i would love even more snow. but i'm just weird like that... will look forward to seeing the finished project.

  4. Hello! Haven't been blogging much and am enjoying catching up with your cheerful posts.

    Love the wet picture of you. So fetching.