Friday, February 8, 2013

The moths in the windows

Can you believe it, I finished the moths in windows!!! Last week they were lying in a big pile where I had thrown them after finding it out just how badly misshapen every single piece was. Thank you for your comments - you were right, it's definitely my joining technique that is flawed. I made a few changes and it got better, but it clearly requires a lot more precision and accuracy than I am prepared to endure. So here's the finished product.

Turned out I couldn't stand the big pile of unfinished bits and put it together completely without caring. First thing to go was the navy and white spot joining fabric - I did all the joins in scraps, so it wouldn't be so blindingly obvious that none of the joins actually matched up like they were supposed to. And then I just joined, and if there was too much, I cut it off. And I kept going, until I reached the edges which were all up and down like derelict battlements. And then I took my rotary cutter - didn't even both with a ruler - and sliced that sucker into something approaching a big, ugly square. You can see from the back how off it is - every one of those squares is supposed to be the same size and, well, a square. 

And then I washed it and dried it and put it on a bed. I've made a lot of ugly quilts in my life. Even more that are badly made. But this one I loathed from the beginning. I gave it a very cranky label.


  1. I almost feel sorry for the quilt with a label like that. You should think like Gwen Marston, who often points out how old quilts were just cut off where needed etc. Embrace the utilitarian ethos. It can still be beautiful.

  2. i think you should name the quilt 'perseverance'. i actually like the quilt! it has a LOT of character. the one quilt i did as a quilt as you go has turned out to be a household favorite - believe that or not. the back of it is such a mess - the quilting is awful! but done is better than perfect and i think because it's so sloppy a quilt, it gets used more because no one really worries about messing it up (not that they worry much around my house about that anyway...).

  3. Oh I love this quilt! A lot! Really really truly.

    But I also love your label. Honesty in quilting is the best policy.