Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes we stay up drinking and watching music videos

So, you ask why the song makes me smile - it's the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Under the Bridge, is it shrieking at you, 1991!!! or 1992, for me - and I don't say anything, because it's the song that was stuck in my head that very sunny morning in July 1992 when I did the walk of shame back to my place from the party, Veronica's party, on The Terrace there in that dodgy flat. The one where someone threw up in the blender and everyone just assumed it was Veronica's home made hummus, that one. And I was on the walk of shame after spending the night with that random guy - Steve?  Steven? Doesn't sound right.

And I'm not sure why they call it the walk of shame because I was not ashamed at all, but happy and tired and still looking exceptionally cute in that ridiculously short dress. But, seeing you ask, husband, you were actually at that party, and I saw you in the kitchen (you don't remember me, despite the short skirt) and thought you were cute, but hey, there was Steve. No, not Steve. Stefan!!!! Definitely Stefan.

But if I'd known you were going to be you I would have paid more attention. And maybe if I'd known that was going to be the last one night stand ever I would have paid more attention to Stefan ... I have no memory of him, other than he existed. So, I hear Under the Bridge, and I'm back twenty years like it was yesterday. Walking along the street, a sunny winter's morning, a red dress.


  1. such memories! i remember the first time i saw my husband - it was at a party, too. someone had locked the front door and he was just arriving. i was closest to the door and got up to open it. when i did, there he was, with these bloodshot eyes because, well, it was the 80's and smoke does that to a person, and the first thing i said to him was that his eyes were a nice shade of red...

  2. oh that is just too funny ... I wonder if there should be little neon signs when you first meet that say "love of life and father of your children" or if that would just make everyone run screaming away!

  3. most likely the latter.... lol!