Friday, February 15, 2013

Back to the grind

School has started, work is back on track and I'm slowly getting into the routine of drop-offs and pick-ups and baseball. Not that it's particularly onerous, but the long slow summer holidays were VERY long and slow.

There's not much sewing going on, so what else can I say? How about some random factoids:

  • The kids both got nits first week of school.
  • The day before payday I went to get money to pay the babysitter and we had negative $1.95 in the account. I found some cash in my other handbag.
  • The babysitter was not for a wild night out, but so I could go to parent information night at the school. Which was necessary but boring.
  • Of the eight and a half hours I had at work yesterday, I spent eight hours and fifteen minutes in meetings. I ate my lunch during one of them.
  • All eleven children at baseball practice on Wednesday were loopy; unfocussed, floppy, shouty and strange. Even our delightful coach was frazzled.
  • On Tuesday I decided to walk to the "good" coffee shop, even though it's a bit further, but they do make lovely coffee. I got caught in a rainstorm and soaked. 


  1. Lol - at least it didn't wash away your sense of humour.

  2. lice suck. ugh. don't miss those 'perks' of the kids being in school!

    hope you have a good weekend. relax. all that yuck stuff is over.