Thursday, November 15, 2012

So, where am I?

It's nearly time to go back to Canberra, but I had to share some photos of "the coolest little capital in the world" ... the Lonely Planet apparently called it that once and it has been seized on by the local populace! Largely because it's true. This is Wellington (New Zealand) and it is very beautiful.

It also has appalling weather. It was 15 degrees yesterday but the sun was out which made it officially summer and EVERYONE was down by the waterfront in their shirt sleeves pretending it was the Caribbean. So pretty in the sun... Charles and Camilla had graced this waterfront a mere few hours before I took this photo so it was still looking very clean and tidy.

Wellington has nice old Houses of Parliament made of stone. It also has a very creepy Speaker of the House of Representatives, fortunately my cocktail-reception-small-talk-skills are up to the task of finding him someone ELSE to talk to.

I moved to Wellington for university when I was 17, and loved it from day one. I've been getting a free hour or two most afternoons / evenings so I've gone on nostalgia walks! I'm old enough now. Re-tracing my steps all through the city to the old rundown places I used to live, and how I used to walk to uni and back every day. Most of is it unchanged.

Wellington is also where my husband and I met. And below is the street where, 20 years ago yesterday, I moved in with him... the first little townhouse on the left. I wanted to take a full-on picture from the street but just as I was getting my camera out I noticed a woman standing in the kitchen of the house about six feet away STARING at me like she was about to call the police. I should have just taken the photo but I got such a fright I ran away. Which made it even more suspicious! In fact I was so mortified I went all the way around the block so I wouldn't have to walk back past her. I'm such a coward.

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  1. I can see the headline now "Quilting Blogger arrested for stalking townhouse owner"... lol