Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nice to be home!

I'm pleased to see home and the family again, and I think home and the family are pleased to see me. There were storms all up and down the east coast when I flew home so everything was delayed and we circled Sydney for quite some time ... but at least my little flight to Canberra was also delayed, so I made the connection and got home in the end, even though quite late on Sunday night. And then off to work on Monday! I went, but I don't know if I achieved very much.

All the plants seem to have grown two feet in every direction while I've been away, particularly the weeds. I was going to go for a walk/run this morning but then thought that I could actually work up a sweat AND do something useful in the garden, so I did. Chopping, pruning, clearing and even a bit of weeding. You can see the roses again! They are so pretty.

Then I rang the man with the tipper truck and he arrived this afternoon and dumped five cubic metres of mulch on the front verge that will be laboriously wheelbarrowed down and spread on the beds. We did it a few years ago when we moved in but it's all broken down now and it needs another good mulching. We love mulch - six inches of mulch will stop any weeds and even keep some moisture in the soil. If there is any at the moment... haven't seen much rain lately. Not like Wellington. I still think Wellington's a fabulous place but I was sitting last night with all the doors open and the warm summer air coming in with cicadas chirping and thought maybe Canberra does have some good points...

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