Sunday, November 4, 2012

Medallions of happiness

A couple of weeks ago I got this book in the mail ....

And all other sewing stopped, pretty much instantly. I have made a few liberated medallions before - and some not so liberated - but seeing all the ideas in one place was completely irrestible. For the centre, I had a perfect blue mock-toile-de-Jouy that was such an odd blue that I'd never been able to use it. And it all grew from there! So much fun to add borders and triangles and more borders and then, just when I was getting bored, I could stop!!!! Perfect.

It's only a top at this stage and I'm thinking that I might hand quilt it because I've nearly finished the postage stamp and I need something to do while I watch Toddlers and Tiaras cutting-edge television drama. There are quite a lot of seams for hand quilting but I could probably do something in the middle of the borders that wouldn't be too onerous.

My husband went up to Sydney for the weekend for their scale modellers show - he entered something in but didn't win :( An unappreciated genius, much like me. So I wrangled the boys through baseball and tidying up the house; introducing them to the delights of unloading the dishwashing and cleaning the toilet! Hah!!!! They are more than old enough to do this kind of thing, kids their age all over the world are making soccer balls, so ten minutes vacuuming is getting off lightly. I tell them this, it doesn't seem to carry any weight. And they escaped to the trampoline in the end.

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