Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moths in the window

I cannot resist a scrappy fad!! I completely got sidetracked by Florabunda, and now it's Moths in Windows. I do love Bonnie's scrappy quilts, even though mine are not usually so complicated. I haven't got any old shirtings to use, so I'm just going to use random blue and green prints, and my collection of gold/brown/orange solids. 

I wasn't too sure how to make them - I wasn't sure if Bonnie had posted instructions and couldn't be bothered looking - but on drawing they looked pretty straightforward. I've gone with using 3 1/2 " strips for the triangle bits and 2" strips for the outside strips and squares. This means I can use some of my pre-cut strips! I do like using them. I'm doing a positive and a negative from each fabric; that is, one where the "moth" is the solid and one where it is the print. I don't think it'll matter in the end because I'm planning on putting them together with some sashing, but I'll make 64 blocks and see how they look.

Pretty crappy photo, it's from my phone because it was just too hard to walk ten steps to get the camera...


  1. Hi lynley. Bonnie uses 1.5 " strips and the half square triangles finish at 2". The block finishes at 8". She didn't put it on blog because it is going in a book. She talked about it on quiltcam. I am going to make them too. Just started doing spools for leader enders. So addicting...

  2. I love the way you imply you're lazy because you can't be bothered walking to your camera and then you say "I'll make 64 blocks...". Goodness me. You're so productive. I don't understand how you get anything else done!