Saturday, November 10, 2012

Postage stamp done!

I was undecided about the border - in the end I went with a completely unrelated fabric! There wasn't enough of the main red fabric to do the border, and un-related reds looked a bit odd. So I thought it best to avoid reds altogether, although I went with a close match for the binding and I think it turned out OK.

I called it "the play is on first and third" because there's a lot of baseball in my life right now ... and also if you squint right it's baseball diamonds. Kind of. I took these last weekend because since then I have hopped on a plan to another exotic Pacific destination! Not quite as warm as some of the others but wonderful nonetheless. If I ever stop working and make it outdoors I'll take some photos and share the full gorgeousness. In the meantime, settle for the gorgeousness of this quilt... and the not-so-appealing garden equipment.


  1. Wonderful. Such a riot of colour. How big did you make the individual squares?

  2. You are a one-woman quilt factory. Go you.