Friday, November 2, 2012

Cushion cover!

I turned that stripey quilt I didn't like into a cushion cover in the end. The cushions that live on the family room floor have a fairly short (and difficult) life, so there is always one that's looking a bit manky and fit for a re-cover.

I used this fabric for the back. It was an internet purchase where I liked the colour but perhaps should have looked at the photo in a bit more detail. Seriously, who would put those words on a quilt? It's like the quilt would be hectoring you the whole time about your character flaws. 


  1. well, for one thing i'm glad that you made a pillow with that instead of relegating it to the dreaded 'bin of shame'.... and those words on that fabric read like a mantra from some obscure cult... hahaha.

  2. Tuggeranong? What a wonderful name. Can I offer you the Scottish Auchtermuchtie in exchange? And then there's Auchenshoogle.