Saturday, November 5, 2011

Starting to look a lot like Christmas

The quilters guild Wednesday meeting is having a little christmas challenge for our November meeting - make something vaguely christmas-like and we vote. With coins, and the coins go to the refuge. And the quilts too, I think. There seemed to be a strong suggestion we make a patchwork elephant. Anyway, I couldn't quite understand the ins and outs (and I wasn't really listening) but I got two main messages; bring something yummy for morning tea, and make a christmas-themed thingy. Tick, and tick.

Here is my wallhanging pinned and about to be quilted - in twenty three years of quilting I have never made a christmas anything! This is a cut down version of this quilt which I found aimlessly googling "christmas quilts". It's such a great idea, I love it. My quilting isn't going to be quite so gorgeous, but it definitely looks like christmas! yay!

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  1. Looks terrific Lynley. I saw a pattern for a table runner the other day using circles and spots. Simple but very effective.