Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Greens and galahs

Here are the greens - very pretty. There are some more being rinsed at the moment, where I used the same blues but a different yellow (the yellow ochre). These are done with the sunshine yellow, which makes for a nice clear green.

And here are the galahs. Galahs are terribly stupid - they are always the ones that get run over, or eaten by dogs - but so pretty in pink and grey. And they have a lovely bell-like warble, not the raucous screech of most of the other parrots. We get eight or nine different types of parrots at our bird feeder and there is a definite pecking order. The galahs are, unsurprisingly, close to the bottom.
I took this photo because I thought the birds matched the flowers! If only my interior design skills extended to the inside of the house, it would all be perfect...

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  1. I have somehow been forgetting to read your blog and have now caught up a bit and you're so hilarious. Mustn't forget again.

    Dogs eat birds in Australia???? Goodness.

    I do like your Christmas quilt, even if it's a tiny bit ... stolen...