Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shore scene

The next painting in the watercolour book is this shoreline scene. Certainly not like anything I've seen in real life - oceans are far too wild to leave boats lying around the edges of, and harbours have mudflats. But I'm in the hands of the book and its author, whoever he is, and so we painted some boats and sky and sea. I nearly skipped this one because it was really complicated to sketch, but I'm glad I stuck with it because it wasn't that difficult at all when you broke it down! Learning, learning, slowly but surely. So this was the book...

And this was me...

The other new thing with this picture was using masking fluid to paint out the seagull / small boat before you started. The fluid dries and forms a barrier that you can then paint over, then rub off when the paint is dry, so that it's still white underneath. That's pretty cool, but even better was that I had to go into an art supplies store to buy it ... and I just love those places when I actually have something to buy. I find them a bit depressing otherwise - all those wonderful looking tools I can't use - but if I have a specific errand then it's wonderful!

Oh dear, I've just realised that emotional response means I am allowing my sense of lack of legitimacy to undermine my enjoyment of the art store. I didn't realise my psyche could affect my shopping. Is nothing sacred?

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