Monday, November 7, 2011

Pottering about

My husband and I love pottering. We say things like "I might just have a potter-y sort of day" and smile. I think we are already mentally retired (yes, in our 40s) and love to poke at the plants in the garden, gently think about cooking lunch, and put a hat on to slowly drive to the shops for some milk. In our little fantasy world, the children have already left home, so we do get a bit surprised when we stumble over them, or they ask for food.

My point? I've been pottering about with quilting. Meanderingly hand quilting the big pineapple blossom. It's not too slow because it's big stitch, but any hand quilting is a contemplative, rather than a results-oriented, activity.

I've been making a few words too, for an idea I briefly had about our challenge quilt for next year's exhibition. The theme is "red plus one" which is in some ways a moronic theme, but in other ways quite brilliant. It certainly leaves it very open, which is the best thing in a theme. On the other hand, they had to explain that the "plus one" means another colour (rather than bringing a date for example) and if you have to explain a theme then maybe you haven't properly thought it through.

I like my words but I don't know if I'll keep going with it. The letters are a bit irritating to make because they're so small - our challenge quilt has to be 50cm x 70 cm - and I was getting jack of it. But it was nice to potter.

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