Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spray basting?

This is my first adventure into spray basting. Well, not entirely the absolute first, just the first time I've used the quilt basting spray for its intended purpose, and not just for random glueing. There are a few tutorials and blog chatter out there about using a wall for spray basting - here is an example - and I thought it was completely worth a crack! I couldn't be bothered putting any newspaper on an inside wall so I just used masking tape to hold the backing up, against an outside wall of my house. Then spray and add the batting, and spray and add the top! I didn't think that it could hold through the quilting but I'm half way through now and it is doing admirably! Anything higher than me (178cm) might be a bit difficult, but for little quilts it is very quick and easy.

This is a for a baby shower I'm supposed to be going to on Sunday - I have said I'll go but I'm back in for day surgery tomorrow (just taking the portacath out, nothing dramatic) and there's a chance I won't feel up to it on Sunday. But if I do, I'll have a quilt! She knows she's having a boy, which is why the blue.

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