Sunday, January 21, 2018

Still pottering about

I have cleaned out the freezer, re-arranged my sewing threads (more a pleasure than a chore, to be honest) and glued the chair back together. I clamped it and everything! Then I used duct tape on the laundry hose (the one that runs out to the garden, we are desperately fighting a losing battle to keep the plants alive) so basically super handy person. I have gone back into work but just to change my library books - I stopped to say hello to my work colleagues but tried not to do any work. It's very quiet.

I'm watching episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford which I picked up randomly from the sale bin before Christmas. It's great! Love a bit of BBC period drama ... especially when it's reasonably light and feelgood. I'm also watching Eureka, which is completely different but also light and feelgood. That might be my theme for January. I've never watched all the Star Wars movies so my husband and elder son sat me down and we worked our way through them all over the Christmas break so I'm ready to go and see Return of the Jedi ... should I want to do such a strange thing. I must be getting old because I find going to the movies quite loud and overwhelming, and I'd rather get a DVD. And it's cheaper...

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  1. I loved Lark Rise when it was on here. I love a bit of happy nonsense. I also don't like going to the cinema. I don't like the adverts and trailers and you can't get up half way through and make a cup of tea - or, more importantly, get on with a nice bit of hand quilting as you half-watch.