Monday, January 15, 2018

My new header

I thought the blog could do with a bit of a refresh for the new year - and a slight change of name because it's not really about quilting so much! and more about me .... it's all about me. I did wonder whether naming your blog after yourself and putting a picture of yourself at the top is problematically narcissistic, but then I thought I was probably overthinking it all, and my readership is what you might call selective, so perhaps I could get over myself. Which I did.

I did the picture by running a selfie through one of the "art effects" websites, I think the header one is coloured pencils. Below are watercolour, oils, and charcoal, but I like the coloured pencils one best because it clearly shows the quilt on the bed, the mess in the open cupboard and the bookshelves. Which sums me up quite nicely.

I'm not back at work yet but I'm being more productive now I'm back at home. I'm re-visiting our ludicrous expense on broadband, pay tv, mobile phones and insurance - I am one of those lazy people that just keep with the same provider but it has gotten ridiculous - they have much better deals now. It is just so painful and time-consuming to compare and change! I have cleaned out the cupboards in the family room and will take a pile of kids toys and games to the op shop, and then it's time for the christmas decorations to come down. Boring but essential. I'd rather be at the beach. Book club on Sunday was fun - we read The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August which we all thought was fantastic! A great premise, and really well written, and made us think. I'm going to hunt out more by that author.


  1. I know what you mean about comparing providers - always on the "should do" list but usually far too much hassle. A pity your research wouldn't be any use over here :-)

  2. I love your new header! But do keep posting about quilting and making me feel inadequate - I have no hope of competing and it's very interesting.

  3. Goodness, I've just clicked on The First... August. That looks very complicated!!!