Monday, January 29, 2018

Some bad sewing

I've been sewing up a storm but there's no point in taking photos because it is very boring scrappy sixteen patch blocks. Quite fun but not very exciting. Today was my first day back at work after five weeks of glorious holiday and it was a RUDE SHOCK. Not only did I have to concentrate all day, with no time for reading books or drinking beer, but everyone had saved up all their thoughts and concerns to share with me when I came back. Most unfair, I should be able to ease back into it. I am moving into a new team so most of the day was spent physically moving stuff into my new office (approximately ten metres to the south of my old office. It's not a big change). 

On the weekend I went and saw the Starstruck exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery which was fantastic! It is mostly stills from Australian movies, with some posters, some publicity photos and some casting albums from the early 20th century which were just fascinating. The nice thing about the NPG is that they give you really detailed explanations of each picture - who the person was, and the historical context. Which makes it much more interesting to me than trying just to stare at some random art and thinking about what it could possibly mean.

The best things for me were the half dozen costumes they had included. The one above is the "Miranda! Come back!" dress from Picnic at Hanging Rock, which is a landmark Australian movie that I have always disliked. But the frocks were great.

And how about cock in a frock on a rock? Who can forget Hugo Weaving prancing about in the desert in this number. I had a very close inspection and it is truly appallingly made. The trim is just sewn on in a wobbly zigzag, there is no fastening (it's tied into a knot at the waist) and it is damn nasty cheap polyester... it totally looks like something a bloke sewed in a moving bus. Unlike Nicole Kidman's Moulin Rouge red dress which was immaculate inside and out ... with a waist I could just about squeeze my upper arm into. Maybe.

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  1. The high thirties sounds awful to me, but maybe it's ok if you're used to it. Edinburgh today was chilly and drizzly, so I'm not claiming any superior weather!