Thursday, January 18, 2018

Basic blocks

I have two quilt tops finished that I should pin and quilt ... but that is boring and difficult, so I'm making new things instead. The tops will get quilted one day, or not, as the case may be. I use Bonnie's scrap users system where once your piece of fabric gets below a certain length - about twelve inches for me - you cut it into various size strips and store the strips together. So you can then just open a bag of strips and make blocks when you need them. I love it, but I haven't been using the strips lately, so I'm on a mini-mission, and I'm enjoying basic blocks of scraps with white. I don't do much with white (booooooring) but for whatever reason it's appealing to me at the moment. Here are some basic sixteen patch blocks.

And lemoyne stars. My autocorrect changed that to "lemony stars" which would also be an awesome name.

We are all getting into the slow groove of summer in Canberra. I am still having a small organising frenzy and so far have saved us $115 a month - I have a great ambition to go into the bank next week and tackle the home loan! We have the laziest of all loans (i.e. whatever they gave us back in 1997 when we bought our first house) and I am quite sure we can do better.

I have been reading personal finance blogs which are kind of hilarious because they tend to show Extreme Frugality ("we paid off $180,000 in consumer debt in three years, here is the spreadsheet" kind of thing). I could never do Extreme anything, you need a certain type of personality. Which, frankly, is probably why these people were in such debt to start with. But we do spend a lot of money without much to show for it, so I think we can try harder this year. And to celebrate this resolution we are going out to dinner with friends tonight ....

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  1. So interesting that you think twelve inches is small. Most of my bits are about that! But then I do have a lot of bits...