Friday, January 12, 2018


Welcome to 2018 everybody - although we've been in it for nearly a couple of weeks now! As you might have guessed, I've been down the beach since Boxing Day, and it was glorious. Some wonderful summer weather (and some storms) and some visitors, and some very quiet days, and general fabulousness. The boys didn't want to go (no internet, no friends) but once we got there they were fairly polite. I let them do pretty much what they wanted, with only some small insistence on fresh air once a day, and they got into the groove OK in the end. I absolutely loved it, and swam every day, and went for walks, and read lots of books, and drank lots of beer.

The dog enjoyed getting the wind in her fur. My husband had to work, but he came down for the weekends. I did a little bit of sewing but not much, number one son had a surf lesson which he really enjoyed, and we had a burst of enthusiasm and painted the dark yellow wall a lovely light blue. It looks much better. I would have stayed there until the end of the month but the boys negotiated an earlier return date ... Canberra is supposed to be 35 degrees today. Hellish.


  1. I like the refresh of the page header - and the beach, as always, looks wonderful. Must have been some serious negotiating to get you back to Canberra early, lol.

  2. How did you do that header? I haven't even seen a beach yet but with the boys for a week that will change.