Friday, November 27, 2015

The big housetop blocks

I finished up the big square housetop blocks I made a while ago. It is very scrappy - just strips from the bags of strips in no particular order - and put together the same way. It is not particularly startling as a quilt; very much a utility item. I made it after reading that "Unexpected Quilts" book, which is all about using what you have to hand.

The quilting is a branching sort of leaf thing - I wanted to make it skinny rather than fat. Sometimes I like the idea of big fat feathers or plump round curves but I wanted this to be a bit pointier. Just to see if I could really, and it turned out quite well. And I could use completely scrap leftover binding.

I called it "Flat and Warm" because when I went to attach the binding I found half a glass of champagne from the week before behind the TV on my sewing table. Yuck, I thought, flat and warm, but then thought that is exactly what you want in a quilt! Just not in your wine.

One more sitting week for the year and then we start to wind down a bit - do all those filing and admin jobs you don't seem to get time for when the building is full! It has been a busy week...

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  1. And today I had a think about my next (very simple) quilt and did some sums about fabric amounts and then went up town and bought some brushed cotton for the back of the quilt that doesn't yet exist (but I want to buy it in the winter, when it's in the shops, not the summer, when it isn't). Not *quite* so impressive as what you've produced...