Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gelato shades

I was sewing away a few weeks ago and I put my pink bobbin back in the case, next to a green one and a yellow one. It looked very pretty - pastel ice-cream colours - so I took a photo.

I looked at it again later and the colours still pleased me so I decided to do a pretty quilt with similar colours. Except that then got translated into a very scrappy quilt with perhaps pastels maybe. I wanted to do a scrap vomit quilt - because I am routinely two years behind with any quilt trends - and I thought I would combine the two and do a light pretty vomit. Although perhaps I won't use that expression again.

The idea was originally from Ginger Monkey I think, but she has gone and deleted her blog, so I have linked to someone who made it at the time. It's not the kind of thing you need a pattern for - it's just an irish chain variation. I am doing mine with 2.5" strips.

I am also making it out of strip sets. Some of the keener quilters made each scrap block from 49 different carefully cut squares - with the aim of not using a fabric twice in the whole quilt - but I'm not going to do that, that would be crazy. So it's not as scrappy as it could be, but I like the look overall.


  1. i do like that block. will be anxious to see how yours turns out. i'm not a real big fan of pastels generally, but once in a while i get in the mood to work with them.

  2. Q. What do you get if you eat too many fairy cakes at a little girls' party? A. A light, pretty, vomit.

  3. I quite like that! Very different colours to what I expect of you,which is a good thing in my book.Nothing worse than predictability. And she's deleted her blog? Crapola. I'm halfway through one of her patterns and needed her blog to finish it!