Monday, November 16, 2015

It rained

We got a rainy week AND a damp weekend; not at all like Canberra. I was woken up by a massive storm Friday night - my husband snored on, as did number two son - and there were some serious rain showers on Saturday, during baseball. They have a fairly robust approach to weather, so played on, despite the pitcher's mound turning into mud and the grass getting soggier and soggier.

Eventually they called it off but number one son was less than impressed. He was in centre field without having a  single ball hit to him, and was soaked through. I told him to toughen up because we didn't stop netball in New Zealand when I was his age for a bit of rain (or hail, or lightning, now I think about it) but then I remembered just how miserable it was to be frozen with cold and wet to your undies. And how it just wasn't any fun at all, even a sport you normally enjoy. You can't see the rain in this photo but it was there, trust me.

Other than that I've been doing a bit of dyeing - a couple of batches with another one in at the moment. Mostly greens, with some purple. It's fun to do this again after a couple of years off - I have ordered some more dye (mostly yellow! more yellow! yellow yellow yellow) and I will keep going until I get bored again.

I was on child duty this weekend because it was the ACT Scale Modeller's Society annual exhibition and competition, and my  husband was involved in the organising. He also won Best in Show!!! Which is wonderful, especially because he also won Member's Choice (where the members vote) and People's Choice (where the visitors vote). There were hundreds of entries across 44 categories so it was an excellent achievement and all the cursing and late nights hard work was worth it.

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  1. i like all of your dyed fabrics. they have such nice rich colors and look great.
    when the kids play baseball here, and the adults too for that matter, if it's raining hard they quit. the ball gets too slippery and so does the bat sometimes. guess we are just wimps! haha. now, american football will be played in just about any weather at all.