Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Old fashioned reds

I have sewn the snails together and added a border - now thinking about the quilting. All that white makes me think I should do something a bit fancy, which makes me a bit scared, and so I have put it to one side. Perhaps something very modern and ornate? With rulers? (not that I have rulers, but you know the kind of thing....). Probably as a reaction, I felt like sewing something very scrappy, so started on a version of Bonnie Hunter's Garden Party. Different sizes, and with a different sort of cross block, but a similar kind of thing. First I made all the red chain blocks.

And then, when I went to make the second block which is all scrappy, I realised that I really didn't want to introduce a whole heap of new fabrics - I just wanted to pick out some nice old-fashioned ornate ones and leave them reasonably intact. So I went with a good old favourite Snowball block with cream corners.

I am auditioning the fabrics for the Snowballs and there are a few Indonesian ones in there. And a Kaffe or two, and a few that have been lurking for years (and years) on the shelf waiting for their time to shine! I knew I would need a metallic blue and burgundy large print paisley one day... This is why I don't understand people who give away fabric when they no longer like it, or they think it's too old style. You never know what you're going to end up making that needs an orange and yellow traffic cone print ... remind me to show it to you. It's awful.


  1. The first photo looks very Christmassy - and then the Snowball wannabes take it in a completely different direction. Love it.

  2. A traffic cone print????? My grandson would ADORE that!