Monday, November 23, 2015

Oh Monday Monday

It's hard to get excited about a Monday when you've just had a lovely weekend at the beach - the weather was glorious and we swam like little fishes. Or possibly great big whales. The boys puttered around in the creek mostly while my husband and I caught some waves. We had our wetsuits on but it wasn't cold - happily stayed in for about an hour without getting shivery and didn't go home until nearly 5. Glorious, and very very hard to come home again.

And coming home wasn't straightforward - number two son had a bbq reunion of his theatre production Sunday afternoon so I took him straight there from the beach. It was at a property about 40 minutes on the other side of Canberra; so we got a bit adventurous and took a short cut on the back roads through some country I've never been in before. Some very scrappy, and some rather lovely. If it turns out I can't actually retire at 55, because we will be broke and eating dog food, we might compromise and swap the coastal farm with a little bush block near Canberra and still work to keep the pennies rolling in. It might depend what the boys are doing. I think I will finance ONE university degree, but if they want to do a doctorate they are on their own.

So this was the bbq location. It was a perfect advertisement for country living - warm sun, gentle breeze, lovely house with a big deck, lots of kids singing and playing games, parents on the deck with a glass of wine .... I'm sure it must be freezing and boiling and flies and snakes but yesterday was perfect. Five acres of olive trees and a big big sky.

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