Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Termination Shock

I have finished my quarter square solids - the one inspired by Molli Sparkles' Mood Ring - and here it is. All fabric that I dyed myself, even the reds, which took years of trial and error; for me a good proper red was the most difficult colour to do.

Because the colours were so fiery it made me think of sunburn and flames and solar things, so I quilted it in wobbly sunrays, and called it "Termination Shock". Which is the shock that occurs when the solar winds fall to subsonic speeds, so kind of suitable - or at least as suitable as any other name I could think of. It could also be the feeling of surprise when you're fired from a job, or killed by a liquid metal robot from the future. 

Other than that I am recovered from my cold, and my Wednesday was quite productive. I managed a 15 minute run, although very slowly, so I'll get back into it properly on the weekend. And I went to Costco which is always a guilty pleasure of vast quantities of things I'm sure we need, and various other errands. All very boring, but it was still nice to be up and about again. And here's another photo of the new quilt, because I like it. These colours below are probably the most true to life, the other photos are a bit greenish.


  1. I love the off-centre circles in the quilting, it does make it more 'shocking' I think - or maybe disconcerting :-) Glorious colours.

  2. glad you are getting over your cold. i'd say summer colds are the worse, but that wouldn't apply... haha. my hubby has had a cold for almost two weeks, and he has been miserable.

    your quilt is very pretty. i love the depth of the colors in the fabrics.

  3. Nice quilt. New garden hose holder.

  4. Nice quilt. New garden hose holder.