Sunday, June 21, 2015

Out for the count

My not-at-work Wednesday got off to a good start when the plumber came and installed a new toilet in the laundry - I know that doesn't sound very exciting but the one we had was not only old and grotty but didn't seal properly, so kept losing water, at vast expense. So now we have a shiny  new one that doesn't leak! Winner. After that I put on my running gear and was just leaving the house when the school rang - number two son was down with a cold, and the asthma he always gets with it. The school nurse had gone to give him his puffer and discovered it expired in 2012, so I felt like a very bad mother indeed.

I picked him up and brought him home, but I must have been feeling guilty because when he said he felt like sushi for lunch I went to the three nearest supermarkets to find it - none of which carry sushi in winter! Apparently it doesn't sell quick enough in cooler weather. And I wasn't prepared to go any further to an actual sushi shop so he missed out, but I think even looking was enough overindulgence for one day.

And then about dinner time on Wednesday I started feeling a bit off, with a sore throat, and woke up in the night with a temperature, and runny nose, and spent Thursday through Saturday moving from bed to sofa and back to bed unable to do anything. Number two son picked up a bit on Thursday and went back to school, but it's taken me until today (Sunday) to really feel like moving again. Just a cold but still miserable with the sinus and the throat and the headache and the blah blah blah.

I picked up my knitting again last night though, watching TV, so clearly on the up. After I got bored with the dishcloths I started on a scarf - a simple garter and drop stitch out of fluffy alpaca / wool that shades through different greys. I thought it would shade quicker, but it's so hard to tell when it's in the ball. The lighter grey is prettier than the darker grey. And that is all the handicrafts I could manage this week - and no washing, cooking, or even leaving the house. I haven't even been to the mailbox... so much for my run! I will have another attempt next Wednesday but I'm not promising anything. I am still working my way through the 5 - 10 km app, but after the last few days I might have to go back a session or two and repeat them to get some puff back. 


  1. Maybe catching up on quilting this Wednesday rather than running? The scarf looks beautifully soft.

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