Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another one quilted

I don't think I showed this one in progress at any stage - probably because I don't really like it and it wasn't fun to make! This is part of my series see-something-pretty-on-the-internet-and-have-to-make-it-straight-away.

I have quilted it and attached the binding, but it just needs to be sewn down. I'll post proper photos when it's finished and I've taken the pins out (and the dog hair). The inspiration was this antique quilt on Meredith England's blog, which she felt the urge to reproduce, and so did I. I got a bit fed up halfway through though, and didn't do the proper half blocks. The four patches were fun to make, but setting them all on point is a bit tedious, and then having to set those blocks on point ... I found it all a bit dreary. And I meant to get a vintage-looking dusky orangey-pink for the sashing and actually got a  bright orange. Fanta orange. Which changed the whole look, and not for the better. 

I still have a couple of quilts I need to quilt but in the nanosecond that I had the piecing foot / plate on the machine to make and attach the binding, I may have become a little distracted by the huge pile of scrap blocks I have, and started doing some more piecing. I was thinking about quilts I really enjoyed making (as opposed to this orange thing) and I loved Twirly Shirley and Kinky Renee - solids with scraps. So I got out the Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book (again) and only made it to page 9 before finding the perfect chunky cross to mix my scraps with some green. Yes, green this time. Kermit green. I'm loving it so far...


  1. Orange isn't my favorite color but I like what you did here. The green blocks look interesting too.

  2. I rather like your orange quilt :) And I love the quilting! That is a very cool design! And your Kermit green block is awesome! I looked at Twirly Shirley and Kinky Renee too - not only are they great quilts but I just love the names!! :D