Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Barristers block in brown is done

All done! It took longer to quilt than I thought - my overall pattern (that I learned from the free motion Craftsy classes I've been doing) was denser than I had anticipated. I scaled it up massively, but even so there's no more than an inch or two between most of the quilting lines. I like the pattern and will use it again; curves and movement without being too difficult. At least, not too difficult once I got the cursed machine to co-operate.

I called it "Crazy Aunt Sue's Classic Fudge Recipe" because of the brown-ness. I don't have an Aunt Sue, so no actual relatives were insulted in the naming of this quilt.

It is so different from all the modern quilts I saw on the weekend. I loved them, but I really like this one as well. When I was putting the blocks together my favourite bits where where the dark brown met the lightest white on cream - so I did that for the border. With the pretty mid-cream calico as well. How terribly traditional!

And of course the dog likes it too. She's not as quick as the cat for plonking herself down in the middle of a quilt, but once she finds it she's much harder to move. And sheds like crazy ... although she had her first professional grooming on the weekend so is now super fluffy and very clean. When I came back from Kiama number two son greeted me with "Mum! Mum! All of Mishka's arse hairs are pointing the same way!". Which I'm kind of pleased about - better than all pointing different ways - but I am not sure this child is being properly raised.


  1. i'm betting your son just wanted to say "arse hairs"! hahahaha

  2. The dog coordinates so well with the quilt, too. Very smart.

  3. Mishka looks exactly like my rescue dog Scrappy. Adorable! Do you know what breed she is?