Monday, June 8, 2015

Frosty freezingness

Last week was bloody freezing - minus 7 or 8 most nights and not getting back over zero until ten in the morning! I have about a fifteen minute walk from my car to the office, which is normally fine, but not when it's still minus four degrees. I took this photo on my walk in but I don't think it is showing the icy reality, it looks quite pleasant. It wasn't!

So we thought we would go down the coast for the long weekend and warm up a bit. We stopped at Braidwood for a long morning tea - I fed the boys finger buns and soft drinks so I could go to the church book fair (they know a captive Canberra crowd when they see them driving down the main street, like lemmings to the sea) ... which was a good idea in terms of browsing undisturbed but not a good idea in terms of number two son barfing it all up half an hour later. Fortunately he made the dog's seat cover (old sheet) into a neat little barf bag, and I'm afraid I bundled that sucker up and put it in the bin as soon as we arrived. I still feel guilty about sending a perfectly good (old) sheet to landfill and not washing it. But not guilty enough to deal with lots of vomited up finger bun, especially with cinnamon icing. I don't think I will ever be an eco-warrior (the boys had disposable nappies too. I gave $100 to Greenpeace per child and called it square).

Once we got there though we had a lovely time. Movies, pyjamas until lunchtime, books, walks and number one son even re-tuned the TV so we had actual channels! I spent my entire two days last time trying to do it, and failing, and he reckoned he just did it. I'm going to blame the antenna, because what he did sounded EXACTLY like what I did, just with a better result. 

We wandered down the boat ramp late one afternoon to watch the people paddle boarding, gutting fish, having a beer and watching other people gut fish, and to say hello to the big friendly pelican and the enormous stingrays. Seriously, google Mossy Point stingrays, they are a tradition, and enough to put you off paddling .... if the fish guts hadn't already.

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