Sunday, June 1, 2014

A bit grumpy

It's a cold and rainy Sunday here - not that I normally mind a rainy day, it makes a change - but we have a blockage and can't flush any of the toilets, and the internet is insanely slow for some reason, and I was woken up too early (by the plumber ringing, so shouldn't really complain) and overall everything is making me grumpy. So there.

I did have a lovely day yesterday though - a working bee for Quilts for Others which is something I have never done before; they usually have them on Tuesdays when I work. It was very pleasant to sit and do some free motion quilting for a few hours. A treat to work on quilts that other people had not only pieced, but backed and pinned, which is my way least favourite step. There were about a dozen of us and it was all very friendly and nice. I hope they have some more Saturday bees ...

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  1. your weekend toilet troubles sound like what we had going on last weekend! every time you flushed or ran water, like the washing machine, sewage would come up through the floor drain in the basement! absolutely disgusting. we were dreading calling a plumber so tried putting chemicals down the drain. they didn't seem to work, but then we plunged the floor drain directly and heard "glug, glug, glug", then "WHOOSH". you know, that was a happy sound... lol cleared things up and we were good to go, in more ways than one. this weekend we are dealing with a leaky hot water pipe in the basement as well as putting railing on our front steps. had to stop on that outside project because it was getting too hot. waiting until the steps are in the shade this afternoon to finish them up.

    oh, and as a novelty (to me, anyway) our neighbor called me friday evening from Perth! he and his daughter are visiting his sister there (she and her family are there with her husbands' job for five years). i got a kick out of that. not everyday i get a call from another continent, you know - even if all the person wanted was to check on his cat! lol