Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The weekend walk

The autumn colours are still beautiful! I took the photo of the trees very quickly, so as not to embarrass the children. No, that's a lie actually, I snapped shamelessly, and they can just get over it. We've started up our weekend walks again and Saturday was the walk around Lake Ginninderra, which is (another) artificial lake in Canberra, in the northern suburbs this time. Canberrans do love to stop up a random stream and make a lake, for peaceful recreation. It took nearly two hours, which is a good stroll, especially on a nice flat wide path.

My head knows that they are perfectly sensible children who are not going to fall into the lake ... but the rest of me is only moments removed from chasing after a two-year old who would pitch into ANY body of water within a hundred metres. They don't understand that I look at them and see a brainless eighteen month old with poor balance and no depth perception.

More scenery - there were lots of people out and about. Lots of happy dogs, chasing ducks mostly. I've been putting last year's photos in an album (yes, I know, I'm a bit behind, but I will catch up soon) and most of the winter ones are just endless walks! Scenery, trees, and children with beanies on eating chocolate biscuits.  The rest of our weekend was equally pleasant; caught up with some friends I haven't seen for ages and otherwise just hung out quietly at home.


  1. Like that time I looked after them and Gabe fell in the water feature in the park by Lake Burley-Griffith. Mid-winter and no change of clothes. You will find that barely cladphoto somewhere. Dad

  2. very pretty fall colors. takes me a minute to do the switch - since we are just going into our summer here. been walking our dog and taking pics of the corn in farmer's fields. it's really coming up good around here now. should be a bumper crop if the weather cooperates.